Something learned about water

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Most of my recent paintings have been about the water's edge, a subject with which I am not finished and may never be. To this end I have been reading a great deal about water. A wonderful book on this subject is Water Is… The Meaning of Water by Nina Munteanu. It's a massive book, and I read a little every day. From today's reading, this quote — "There are a hundred times as many water molecules in our bodies than the sum of all the other molecules put together," writes biochemist Martin Chaplin of LondonSouth Bank University. I find the notion that we are water to be very compelling. We have had a very great loss in our family recently and I find myself thinking of the comfort of water. Today I have been by the river over and over, choosing to walk that way rather than another, to take my good dog along water's edge trails. It helps me to feel better, maybe my watery self feels safer, more at home.

This is a work in progress. The water's edge — low tide at sunrise on the Fundy Shore. I'm letting it percolate for a while before I work on it some more.

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