Water Collection

We are water. Water occupies over 98% of the human cell molecule. We are drawn to water, calmed by water. Our bodies respond to the tides.

Wherever you stand, you are standing in a watershed.

A watershed is the area of land that drains all of its water to a specific lake or river. The boundary of a watershed is the ridge of highest elevation that surrounds a stream or network of streams. A raindrop falling on the other side of that ridge is in a different watershed and will drain into a different body of water.

The Ottawa River watershed is the one on which I stand. I am beginning to create sets of 12 X18 pastel paintings for five locations along the river. The locations are; Victoria Island, Lemieux Island, Andrew Haydon Park and Crystal Bay. Each set will consist of 5-8 paintings, which well be framed and hung in a row, like a mural. You'll have to walk along the row, to see them and it will be like walking along the river. I plan that there will eventually be many such sets. I am also doing individual paintings of tributaries, like this one of Graham Creek, which runs through Andrew Haydon Park

© Gwen Frankton, 2018, Tributary, Graham Creek, pastel, 12" X18"

I am also making small images of trees, flowers etc. from the same area as each set. This is a nest I found near Graham Creek. The enterprising little bird used many different kinds of plastic – ribbons, bits of plastic bags, cord – as well as the usual nesting materials.

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