Water Collection

We are water. Water occupies over 98% of the human cell molecule. We are drawn to water, calmed by water. Our bodies respond to the tides.

The magic of water is at no place more evident than in the liminal zone between land and sea. The water’s edge is that place of ambiguity and mystery and it is always different, never the same. In this project, I am painting the water’s edge in many states, mostly in Nova Scotia where I live for some months of the year.

© GwenFrankton, 2017,Liminal 4-The Tide Comes in on a Big Green Wave, Acrylic 12" X 48" 800
© Gwen Frankton, 2017, Liminal 3 – Water’s Edge, Acrylic, 12" X 36" 600
© Gwen Frankton, 2016, Where the Water Runs Pink, Acrylic 300
© Gwen Frankton, 2017, Splash, Acrylic 15" X 30" 500
@ Gwen Frankton, 2017, Liminal 1 – Pink Water at Slack Tide, Acrylic 16" X 24" 400
© Gwen Frankton, 2017, Liminal 5 – The Tide Overtaking the Saltmarsh, Acrylic, 30" X 36" 600
© Gwen Frankton, 2016, Wave Triptych; Wave Approaching SOLD
© Gwen Frankton, 2016, Wave Triptych; Wave Cresting SOLD
© Gwen Frankton, 2016, Wave Triptych; Wave Breaking SOLD
© Gwen Frankton, 2018, High Tide at Anthony Park, Moon at Perigee, 12"X24" 300
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