Trees Collection

Trees are the lungs of our planet. They shelter us, sustain wildlife, cool the earth. They take so long to grow that the loss of a tree is a tragedy, and we lose so many – to insect infestations, like that of the emerald ash borer, and to human choices. Every time I paint or draw a tree, and I return to this project often, I feel that I am creating a record, telling a story.

Ash Tree by the River – Acrylic, collaged cloth – 30 X 60 inches 950
Burr Oak on Lemieux Island Collection of the Artist
Copper Leaves – Acrylic – 36 X 24 inches SOLD
Hawthorne Berries – Acrylic – 20 X 24 SOLD
Birch, Nova Scotia – Acrylic Not available
Birch 2, Nova Scotia SOLD
Red Sumac Leaves – Acrylic, oil SOLD
Forest floor Sumac leaves study
Sumac sticker – from watercolour painting
Maple Leaf sticker – from watercolour painting
Sumac Not available
Stream near the River, autumn – Acrylic – 20 X 24 Not available
Stream near the River, winter – Acrylic – 20 X 24 SOLD
Trees in Flood – Oil – 16 X 20 inches SOLD
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