There is evidence that our link with the earth is deep and profound. For example, our brain waves, when the brain is active and relaxed, are at the same basic frequency as that of the earth. Gwen’s art calls forth that deep, visceral knowledge and memory connected with the natural world, with water, land, sky and forest.


I support ecological causes through my work wherever possible. Causes dear to my heart are:

"I have always loved that collision point
of nature with the desire to create art."

— Frances Mayes

About Gwen

I am an eco-artist, a chronicler of the natural world. I believe making art that calls forth the viewer’s deepest memories connected with water, land, sky, and forest is my highest calling.

After receiving my BFA, I lived and worked for many years in the Canadian Arctic. My Arctic paintings focused on the microcosmic world of the tundra underfoot, that place of tiny beauties. Now, as a resident of both Ontario and Nova Scotia I am interested in trees and water and especially borderlands — the liminal zone that is the water’s edge, the forest-field ecotone — places that shift and change and are neither one thing nor the other.